Visualizing critical data that informs Arewa leaders and organizations of the region's unique characteristics.

Stronger Economies Together

Stronger Economies Together (SET) empowers communities and counties in rural areas to work together in developing and implementing an economic development blueprint for their multi-county region that strategically builds on the current and emerging economic strengths of that region. Creating, attracting and retaining jobs as a single rural county in isolation from other nearby states is becoming increasingly ineffective. In today’s global marketplace, economic development progress is more likely to be realized when rural, suburban and urban communities work together as a region to assess their resources and then design and implement plans that build on their assets and comparative economic strengths.


Regional Economic Goals

Broad economic goals are developed from regional economic data analyses, asset identification and citizenry input. Each goal identifies key strategies, responsible parties charged with moving the goal forward as well as the timeline and status of each action item spanning a five-year period.


Plan to create a diverse industrial, manufacturing hub in States within the region, utilizing a diversified workforce, to regionally sustain and grow existing and new businesses.

Cultural Tourism- Through collaborations, promote and create rich destination experiences that attract visitors and contribute to the quality of life for local citizens.

Center Workforce Education

Through education and training, create a workforce pipeline to enhance employee recruitment, retention and engagement; including self-reliant


Develop an entrepreneurial culture for business creation and retention that sustains and grows our existing industries and businesses.


The benefit of economic growth

For developing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa like Nigeria, economic growth enables countries to escape the worst levels of poverty. Even a small level of economic growth can facilitate higher living standards and an improvement in life expectancy. It depends on the nature of economic growth. For example, if economic growth leads to more pollution and congestion, then living standards may not seem to hit and who benefits from economic growth. If growth benefits primarily the richest in society, growth may do little to overcome poverty.

ICT is the convergence of communications, computing and information technology and has become the catalyst that enhances development process of a nation...READ ON


AREWA STRONGER ECONOMIES TOGETHER  - In many counties today, especially in Nigeria, finding ways to create, attract and retain good jobs is a challenging process. In today’s global marketplace, economic development improvements are more likely to be realized when rural and local government areas (LGAs) within States in a given region work together as a multi-LGAs to assess, design and implement plans that build on their collective assets and comparative economic strengths. That is what the Stronger Economies Together (SET) program is all about.

The purpose of SET is to strengthen the capacity of communities, rural areas in local governments (LGs) and States to work together to develop and implement an economic development blueprint for their self-defined multi-area in line with regional economic development plan, one that will strategically build on best practices in partnership and collaboration.

Key benefits of SET
For regional teams taking an active part in SET, the program offers quality coaching and training that:

  • Guides the formation of strong, inclusive and effective Arewa regional teams;

  • Assists teams in discovering the assets and economic strengths of the entire region;

  • Promotes strong working ties among the States' economic development partners in the SET

  • Advances the development of a high-quality Arewa regional economic development plan; and

  • Provides guidance on how to get the plan off the ground, sustain momentum and achieve long-term success.

Data Products

One of the important benefits of being involved in SET is to gain access to a variety of Arewa regional data resources that can be tailored to meet the information needs of all the States in the region. The list of data report will be generated and provided to the SET regional teams, which will be constantly updated and listed (studied and discussed) under Module topic.


  1. Launching SET & Building a Strong Regional Team in various States within Arewa;

  2. Exploring the Arewa Region’s Economic & Demographic Profile;

  3. Focusing on the Arewa Region's Competitive Advantage as well as Industrial and Occupational Clusters;

  4. Exploring Arewa Strategies for Enhancing the Regional Economy;

  5. Developing each State's Vision & Goals in line with the Regional Economic Development Plan;

  6. Discovering Assets & Barriers of the Region;

  7. Planning for Success of the Arewa Regional Economic Development Plan;

  8. Measuring for Success of the Arewa Regional Economic Development Plan.


 Restructuring is good for the North because the North has so many Potentials of Solid Mineral Exploration, so great that by the time the northern  Governors realize it they will almost forget about allocation funds coming from Federal Government and too much Taxes on its citizens to generate more internally generated revenue (IGR). The potential is great and better than crude oil of the south. Gold, Uranium, Iron Ore, Gemstones, Columbite, Tantalite, Kaolin, Goshenite and other precious minerals are everywhere across the north, but also Lithium Brine Rocks, lithium-bearing pegmatite and spodumene, a critical component for making electric car batteries. By 2030, oil will no longer be that important as electric cars will take over, lithium batteries will also be used for powerhouses and so much more. The potentials for export of these natural minerals and local use in manufacturing from the north are unparalleled. The Southerners are just beginning to realize the potentials and if we begin to explore them, what it will mean to their so-called oil; and clamour for Restructuring. That is why some of them are beginning to downplay the issue of restructuring now: every region to control its resources, but the north must insist on Restructuring Now. Because the southerners erroneously believe that northerners are backward and uneducated and think that the north is dependent on the south simply because they have oil while forgetting that the south depends on the north for its staple foods. 80% of food consumed in the south, apart from cassava comes from the north: rice, beans, maize, guinea corn, yam, wheat, tomatoes, onions, pepper, spices and meat: cow, goat, and donkeys, etc. Nigeria plans to spend 15 billion naira, about $42 million over the next year or so to explore minerals and attract investors into mining and reduce its dependence on oil. Also, the north has oil too but abundant of natural resources: solid minerals. The North must get its act right and the future will be much brighter, more prosperous and better. The teaming Youths will have ample jobs and things to do; and for every mining job, 4 more jobs will be created and the north will virtually have near-zero-unemployment.


The northern demographic shifts will fuel the growth of new sectors, markets and service lines. They will begin to innovate and with creativity build viable businesses in areas of the business supply chain, and in agriculture, livestock mainstreaming, no more transporting live animals to the south but slaughtered and freight in refrigerated trucks, renewable energy like solar farming, ICT, Business Processing Outsourcing and in healthcare, manufacturing and revitalize the Kannywood entertainment industry in partnership with Indian Bollywood. Staple food commodity would no longer be transported to the south but buying-zones can be created along the borderlines between north and south for southerners to come and purchase there. “Wallahi it is a matter of time and the time is very soon, it has already begun. The unity of northern diversity is the power that will propel the business communities and consequently, the northern upcoming industries into new dimensions of performance. Soon there will be on the horizon, more northern banks, northern media and corporations; and northern intelligentsia that will meet every contemporary challenge; build capacity and human capital knowledge-pool; and the end of youths banditry, kidnappings, communal crises, terrorism and religious violence because everyone will have work and meaningful things to do under strong, compassionate leadership, propelling the country to a Greater Height as a whole. ICT-enabled solutions in healthcare, agriculture, education, financial services and States-public services will drive socio-economic inclusion of everyone in the region and the country faster, cheaper and more efficient than traditional methods. Indeed, the North; and Nigeria will be Great Again. The PAN-Niger Delta Forum said that the news that Northern leaders, who identified themselves as Friends of Democracy, advocated a return to the 12-state federal structure of 1967 and 100 percent resource control was thought-provoking but calls for restraint and further cross-questioning. The Pan-Yoruba socio-political organization, Afenifere, said it agrees with most of the views of the northern leaders and hoped to inter-face with them later, but said for a group of northerners to now be advocating for 100 percent resource control, calls for caution and further interrogation.

The question been are asked is that who will suffer if Nigeria is restructured or in the event of a break-up of the country in terms of food security or development?... READ THE WHOLE INTERVIEW


“Given the emergence of new regional dynamics in development policy and practice, Arewa region MUST fine-tune current regional development perspectives and to develop new ones that are not only more in sync with the present and future global context but with the governance systems being currently adopted that are becoming more and more decentralized and grassroots oriented. States Governors within the Arewa region must come together to create and adopt the Arewa Regional Economic Plan with emphasis on a balanced approach to development and opportunity for all diversity irrespective of one’s tribe, social class, religious belief and even political affiliation; and establish targets for economic growth of the entire region taking advantage of our Demographic Shifts, which will fuel the growth of new sectors, markets, and service lines in our communities. The ability of our diversity to build strength and unity is the power that will propel the region and consequently, the Nigerian industry, into new dimensions of performance and inclusive growth. Catalyzing Inclusive Growth Through ICT-enabled solutions in healthcare, education, financial services and public services can drive socio-economic development and inclusion of more than 30 million citizens each year, faster, cheaper and more effectively than traditional models. The economic plan should be built on current regional opportunities, collaboration and innovation linking States macroeconomic models with regional development and economic plan termed: Regional Econometric Model”President ACRD 




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