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Visualizing critical data that informs Arewa leaders and organizations of the region's unique characteristics.


The usual Government approach to growing their local economy has been through attracting foreign investment but now they have begun to realize that apart of attracting foreign direct investments (FDIs) there are other strategies to grow their economy - helping their existing businesses grow. In some world communities this approach has become known as economic gardening, an entrepreneurial approach to economic development.


Economic Gardening is the Best Practice standard for an entrepreneurial approach to economic development. The program focuses on supporting local businesses with strategic information and frameworks to grow locally. It provides strategic research and frameworks to help local companies scale up, adding jobs and wealth to the community. It’s team specialists in the use of sophisticated corporate tools like database research, search engine optimization, geographic information systems, physical market research and listening posts to find new business methods and markets, provide competitive advantage, intelligence and industry trends, assess digital marketing efforts and find qualified sales leads.

As various diverse and talented people begin to work together and interact and talk and improvise their way towards the goal of sustainable economic development focusing of little margins with bulk sales, efficient service delivery and quality products, they're going to learn from each other and be more successful.

Arewa Green Deal

Green Deal as Arewa’s new growth strategy to make the North and its social environment economy fit for a healthy planet. This Deal is to address environmental issues such as biodiversity, waste, pollution and climate change, through the transformation of food systems, agriculture, energy, industry, buildings and mobility. The set of proposals which will form part of the Green Deal action plan would set out ambitious targets for climate change, biodiversity, floods and set out strategies for transforming systems supplying energy, food and mobility to Northerners. As the North’s new growth strategy, the Deal and its initiatives will be central to achieving a sustainable and rapid recovery and ultimately a just and fair transition, which leaves no person and no State behind.



Arewa Regional Decision Maker (RDM) is a powerful suite of mapping websites/Apps and tools that enables users to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. RDM facilitates and enables regional decision making in a number of ways. Most importantly, it allows decision makers to interact with data through customizable, user-friendly tools and geographic visualization. This high level of interactivity enables decision makers to generate powerful insights more quickly for strategic economic planning. The northern Nigeria’s regional economic ecosystems and regional innovation clusters will focus on these major opportunities.


1. Develop Cutting-Edge Online Data Tools
The Center is focusing on developing its Regional Decision Maker (RDM) data-driven platform. RDM will be designed to help Arewa identify regional innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialization opportunities. ACRD is working in partnership to develop this dynamic and powerful decision-making tool. Plans are underway to develop map layers that will show geographic clustering for industry and occupation clusters via the use of spatial statistical techniques. When fully launched, RDM will provide a set of value-added data layers and customized tools for use in supporting the entire Arewa regional planning.


2. Engage Key Target Groups in Using and Refining RDM Tools
RDM represents a powerful tool for mapping regional assets and opportunities. These assets include natural resources like solid minerals, agricultural lands as well as the regional talents, entrepreneurship, demography,  opportunities, etc. It will ensure that this tool is seen as a valuable, practical and user-friendly tool for guiding decision-making by State leaders.
It will also maximize the value of the RDM to a wider array of people and organizations, as such, the ACRD is seeking to enhance the skills of individuals and groups that want to utilize the RDM. Activities being planned include:

  • Website/Apps Development & Launch;

  • Webinars and Face-to-Face Training, and

  • Technical Support. Collectively, these important activities are intended to help the Center strengthen the relevance and utility of the RDM to key stakeholders.


 Restructuring may not be a bad idea for the North because the North has so many Potentials of Solid Mineral Exploration, so great that by the time the northern  Governors realize it they will almost forget about allocation funds coming from Federal Government and too much Taxes on its citizens to generate more internally generated revenue (IGR). The potential is great and better than crude oil of the south. Gold, Uranium, Iron Ore, Gemstones, Columbite, Tantalite, Kaolin, Goshenite and other precious minerals are everywhere across the north, but also High-Grade Lithium ore in Brine Rocks, lithium-bearing pegmatite and spodumene, a critical component for making electric car batteries. By 2030, oil will no longer be that important as electric cars will take over, lithium batteries will also be used for powerhouses and so much more. The potentials for export of these natural minerals and local use in manufacturing from the north are unparalleled.


The northern demographic shifts will fuel the growth of new sectors, markets and service lines. They will begin to innovate and with creativity build viable businesses in areas of the business supply chain, and in agriculture, livestock mainstreaming, no more transporting live animals to the south but slaughtered and freight in refrigerated trucks, renewable energy like solar farming, ICT, Business Processing Outsourcing and in healthcare, manufacturing and revitalizing Kannywood entertainment industry in partnership with Indian Bollywood.  The unity of northern diversity is the power that will propel the business communities and consequently, the northern upcoming industries into new dimensions of performance. Soon there will be on the horizon, more northern banks, northern media and corporations; and northern intelligentsia that will meet every contemporary challenge; build capacity and human capital knowledge-pool; and the end of youths banditry, kidnappings, communal crises, terrorism and religious violence because everyone will have work and meaningful things to do under strong, compassionate leadership, propelling the country to a Greater Height as a whole. ICT-enabled solutions in healthcare, agriculture, education, financial services and States-public services will drive socio-economic inclusion of everyone in the region and the country faster, cheaper and more efficient than traditional methods. Indeed, the North; and Nigeria will be Great Again... READ THE WHOLE INTERVIEW


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