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27 March, 2023

Press Release

The need for Arewa SMEs to acquire requisite skills to trigger
economic development

With the required investment and technology skills sets, Nigeria and indeed Arewa small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can liberate the nation from her current economic quagmire, said Dr Baba J Adamu, Head of Arewa Center for Regional Development.

He said, for the economy to rebound, and see economic growth in Nigeria and indeed in the Arewa region, the federal and state governments, entrepreneurs and stakeholders, must play critical roles in ensuring enterprise development and requisite skills and technology acquisition.

Dr BJ Adamu, who also heads iNetworks Canada noted that no developed and developing economy could grow without vibrant technologically-driven SMEs, pointing out that for Nigeria to grow economically, it must begin to groom young entrepreneurs to develop the right skills that would secure the future of the economy.


“Nigerian small businesses can actually liberate the country from the claws of the current economic recession and trigger economic development if they acquire knowledge of certain investment and technology skills to achieve such feat. In this trying time, everyone must do his or her part, that is why our center, Arewa center for regional development is in partnership, building business counseling structures to ensure small businesses are adequately mentored,” he said.


Dr Adamu called on the federal government and stakeholders and especially the northern governors to invest massively in skills, infrastructural and technological development in order to take Nigeria out of recession.


He however, noted that the challenge of the Nigerian business environment is access to finance but with strong political will and a concerted efforts by all stakeholders, that challenges can be overcome through strengthening Nigeria’s institution, adding that strong institutions and policy stability would, in turn, strengthen the economy.


"All around the world, politics is all about the people and how jobs can be created, poverty eliminated and environment: safe, secured and healthy to live” he said.


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